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Scribenote's novel Auto-SOAPs allow you to create a full SOAP note in just a few clicks using AI technology!

To begin making an Auto-SOAP, make sure you have the setting enabled for your account.

If you set this to "Don't use Auto-SOAP", your recordings will not be converted into SOAP notes automatically.

To create an Auto-SOAP, follow these steps:


Auto-SOAPs currently only work for SUMMARIES of appointments. Recording your full appointment will yield inaccurate results. For best results, summarize your appointment into a 2-5 minute recording.

  1. Create a recording from the Dashboard, Quicknotes, or a specific patient's profile page.
  2. Wait a few minutes for the Auto-SOAP to process. It will be in your Inbox with a "Processing" label.
  3. Your completed note should be marked as "Review". You can then click on it to review and make any edits, if necessary.

Free and Basic plan users

Users on the Free or Basic plans of Scribenote have a limit on the number of Auto-SOAPs they can create in a day. If you have the Auto-SOAP setting enabled, your first recording for that day will be an Auto-SOAP. All subsequent recordings for that day will be regular audio recordings that will not be automatically turned into a SOAP note. The 1 free daily Auto-SOAP will refresh 24 hours after the last one you make.

Pro and Auto plan users

Users on the Pro or Auto plans get unlimited Auto-SOAPs. If the Auto-SOAP setting is enabled, all recordings you make will automatically be converted into a SOAP note.