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Quicknotes are a great way to get started with making SOAP notes in Scribenote because you don't need to have a patient created! This works great for first time clients or emergency appointments, as you can get straight to SOAPing with no fuss!

There are two ways of creating a quicknote, via a recording, and via a blank SOAP note. These methods will be covered below.

Quicknotes page overview

The quicknotes page is easily accessible from anywhere in the app using the link in the navigation bar.

Click Quicknotes. You'll then see this page:

  • (1) Record button. Click here to start a new quick recording.
  • (2) Quicknotes section. This is where you will find all your quicknotes, quick recordings, and quicknote drafts.
  • (3) New note button. Click here to start a new quicknote.
  • (4) Quicknote linking selector. Clicking this checkbox will select that specific note so it may be linked to a patient. You may select multiple quicknotes to be linked to the same patient at once.
  • (5) Quicknote actions. These buttons (from left to right) allow you to edit, download, or email this quicknote. Note that you won't be able to download or email drafts or new recordings.

Creating a quicknote recording

To begin creating a quicknote recording, click the record button.

While recording, you can also give your note an optional title. When you are finished recording, press the stop button.

This recording will appear on the quicknotes page, as well as in your Inbox on the Dashboard.

From here, you can click on it to begin filling out the SOAP fields for this appointment. See the Note Form guide for more info on how to complete SOAP notes.

When you have submitted that SOAP note, it will be marked as "Completed". You may then download or email it.

Creating a quick SOAP note

Need to make a note ASAP? To begin creating a quick SOAP with no associated recording, click the Quick SOAP link in the navigation bar.

From here, you can begin filling out the SOAP fields for your appointment. See the Note Form guide for more info on how to complete SOAP notes.

When you have submitted that SOAP note, navigate back to the Quicknotes page and you will see the note you just made.

Linking quicknotes to patients

Now that you have completed a few quicknotes using the instructions above, you can link these quicknotes to patients in your notebook.

If you don't have a patient created yet, no worries! You can create one during this process.

First, scroll to the Notes section of the Quicknotes page.

Select the notes for the patient you want to associate them to. You will see a button pop up that says Link X selected quicknotes to a patient profile. Click this button, and you will be directed to this page:

As you can see, you can also create a new patient during this step, and proceed with linking a note with their profile.

Since, we already have a profile for Otto, let's use that one.

Yep, looks purrfect indeed!

That's all folks! Your note will be waiting for you on that patient's page. 🐶