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Super SOAP


Video coming soon!

Super SOAP is a superpowered approach to completing SOAP notes. Let's see how it works!

When you have multiple notes and/or recordings stacked up in your Inbox, all you need to do is click the Super SOAP button below!

Upon first glance, this may look like a regular SOAP form, but if you scroll down you'll notice all of your Inbox notes are on one screen! No need to keep navigating back and forth to complete your notes. You'll stay in the flow of your documentation session!

From here, you can just begin filling out the SOAP fields for these appointments. See the Note Form guide for more info on how to complete SOAP notes.

When you're finished with a note in the stack, click Save Note. You'll see it clear off your screen! (pretty satisfyingly, might I add 🤩)

Just like that, we're all done! Our Inbox is squeaky clean, and now we're free to relax. 😊