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Creating Templates


Video coming soon!

Do you find that you often repeat yourself when writing SOAP notes? If so, templates are a perfect way to save yourself time when creating repetitive SOAP notes! Let's see how to make one!

Firstly, navigate to the Templates page by using the dropdown menu, or the link on your Dashboard.

By default, you'll see a few preset Scribenote-created templates, and an empty custom templates section.

Click New Template to begin creating a template from scratch.

First, you will see the template options section:

  • (1) Template name. Fill in a name that'll help you identify the template!
  • (2) Template description. Enter a quick explanation of what this template can be used for.
  • (3) Template colour. If you're a fan of colour-coding things, you're in luck! :)

The rest of the template is just your typical Note Form. If you're not familiar with the Note Form, see the Note Form guide.


When creating a template, you can choose a certain placeholder such as "*" or "_" for where appointment-specific information will go. This will allow you to "Ctrl + F" for that placeholder to quickly find where to enter information.

When you've completed the template, click Save Template.

You'll then see your newly created template in the Your Templates section. You may edit this template at anytime by clicking it, or delete it by hovering over it and clicking the trash icon.