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Help! I forgot my password!
Help! I forgot my password!

Reset or make a new password

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Forgot your password? First, try logging in again and make sure that your email address is correct and that the caps lock is not active when you're entering your password. You can toggle the eye on the password to see it what you type!

Still can't get in? No worries! Follow the steps below to reset it!

Step 1

Click the button below to go to the forgotten password page:

This is what you'll see:

Step 2

Enter the email you used to sign up for Scribenote. Click Submit. Log into that same email account and go to your Inbox. You should see an email from us:

Make sure the email is from a email address! If it's not, please discard it, especially if there are links within the email (it could be dangerous!).

Step 3

Click the button in the email to reset your password. You will be taken to this page:

Step 4

Enter a new password and click Submit. You will then be redirected to the Login page. Make sure your new password works by logging in with it!

If you are still unable to access your account, contact us via the in app chat to reach our Support Team and we'll help you out!

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