Patient Attachments
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ℹ️ Patients are a last-generation feature and won't be updated as frequently. If you already use a PIMS, we recommend not creating patients in Scribenote and simply using our auto-generated note titles to keep track of which patients your medical records are for.

The Attachments section on a patient's profile is where you can view or add attachments associated with that patient.

This preview section will include attachments that are uploaded from the patient's profile (detailed below), as well as any attachments that have been included in the patient's notes.

If you'd like to view your patient attachments in full-scale, you can tap on any attachment thumbnail.

❇️ You can add images, videos, PDFs, and more!

Adding patient attachments

Below the attachment preview thumbnails, you'll see the attachment upload box, similar to the one found on note forms.

You can tap on this box to open the attachment selection interface:

You can attach files from your device's file browser, images from your camera roll, or take a picture/video using the camera. Any files you select will appear in the preview section, with a red X button in the upper right corner. This will allow you to remove the file from the selection, in case you accidentally selected it!

When you're done selecting files, tap Finish. You will see the selected files in the (now green) attachment selection box:

You may add more files if you wish, or upload them by pressing Upload Attachments. They will then appear in the list of patient attachments above the selection box.

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