Creating Typed Notes

How to write a typed note on the Scribenote mobile app

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ℹ️ Typed Notes are a last-generation feature and won't be updated as frequently.

Quicknotes are a great way to get started with typing SOAP notes in Scribenote because you don't need to have a patient created! This works great for first time clients or emergency appointments, as you can get straight to typing up SOAPs with no fuss.

Quicknotes Page Overview

The Quicknotes page is easily accessible from anywhere in the app by tapping the purple Scribenote button in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. Then tap New Typed Note.

You will then see this screen:

  • (1) Use Template button. You will be able to select a template that you have made or a preset template to use for the quicknote. Please note: selecting a Template from here will overwrite all the content already in your note, so if you wish to use a template, select it first.

  • (2) Simple Form toggle. When turned on, the individual SOAP note sections of the Quicknote will become just one text box.

  • (3) Note Title. Enter the title of your note, this is optional so there will be no title when it is left blank.

  • (4) Use Blank toggle. When kept off, all the specific fields in the objective section of the SOAP will be there for you to fill out. Turning it off will remove that and allow you to type freely in that text box.

When you continue to scroll down, you will see the following:

  • (5) Additional Key Information section. Here you can type in your patient’s key history, key medications, vaccination status and weight as you wish.

  • (6) Add Attachments section. You can upload a file to add onto your patient’s note.

  • (7) Email this note? toggle. Turning this on will give you options to:

    • Export as Link which will export as an email containing a clickable link that allow access to a webpage with the SOAP note and attachments

    • Export as Embedded Text which will export as an email containing the SOAP note’s text contents, however attachments will not be included in the email

    You can enter the recipients’ emails and/or notes here as well.

  • (8) Save draft button. Saves your current note to your inbox for future edits. They will not show up in your Notebook.

  • (9) Submit button. Confirms that your notes are finished, saves in your Notebook and then emails the note if applicable. After submitting, you will see a success screen like this:

To view your completed note that you submitted:

Open your Notebook from the bottom navigation and then tap Quicknotes at the top right. Here you will see all the quicknotes that you have completed.

Tapping on a quicknote will allow you to preview the contents of your note.

To complete a drafted note:

Go to your Dashboard and tap Show Inbox at the top right. The number beside the Inbox shows how many draft quicknotes you have written. You can then tap on your desired quicknote to type and complete your note. You can save as draft again to save your edits and come back later or submit your completed note. Submit will move your note out of your inbox and into your Quicknotes.

You are free to make as many Quicknotes as you wish as a Scribenote user, happy SOAPing! ✍️

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