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Review all your drafted notes at once on the Scribenote mobile app

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Super SOAP, Super SOAP, Super SOAP!!! πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”« Not only is Super SOAP fun to say out loud but it is also efficient! Instead of going through all the notes in your inbox individually one by one, you can review them all in one go. πŸͺ„

On your Dashboard, your Inbox will inform you the number of notes that are still not submitted. Tap Show Inbox to see all the list of these notes!

To start, tap that Super SOAP button at the bottom and this will allow you to easily go through all the notes that are listed in your Inbox!

Note: Super SOAP will not show notes that are still in "Processing".

You will then be taken to the next screen where you will get to choose the order of which your notes to be displayed. Switch this by tapping the toggle, by default it will display your oldest notes to your newest notes. Let's Start SOAPing!!

Your notes to review and edit will be displayed one after the other, allowing you to stay in the flow of documentation! As you edit each note, you are free to update or change anything that you need like a regular SOAP form.

After you are done reviewing the current note, you will be able to Delete, Save Draft or Submit the note and it will instantly do so. If you choose to save your draft to review again later, the note will stay in your inbox and then you will see the following screen, allowing you to Finish and return to your dashboard or continue reviewing the Next Soap:

If you Delete the note, you will see this message and your note will be gone forever. 😒

When you submit your note, it will be marked complete and moved to your notebook. You will get a green success banner that will pop up at the top!

Below the banner, you can preview your completed note and you will have the choices to Print, Copy Text, Finish or move onto the Next SOAP!

After you're done reviewing all these notes, your Inbox will be squeaky clean! ✨ Satistying eh? Hope this was fun and saved some time for you! 🀭

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