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Structured Data [BETA]

View your note's data in detail, if you need it!

Updated over a week ago

A Show Data tab has been released in beta on our web app! It shows you a structured view of the key details we could extract from the the medical record in a concise, easy to read format. Now, you won't have to sift through a lengthy transcript to find additional information!

If you need more specific information from your appointment, open the data tab in your note and you can see all the details pulled from your recording!

This feature is only available on your browser though our web app (

To access the Data:

  1. Open to edit the note.

  2. At the bottom of your screen, you will notice a new tab beside the Show Transcript tab... it is the new Show Data tab! Click on it.

  3. A window will glide up to show you the data.

  4. Copy the data:

    1. Click on a line within the tab to copy the text to your clipboard.

    2. Click the copy button beside the section title to copy the entire section to your clipboard.

    3. Click the copy button to copy the entire Structured Data set to your clipboard.

  5. Paste where ever you need it (ie in your note output or PIMS).

To minimize the Data tab:

Click the same tab that you opened the window with, it will how say Hide Data instead!


Here's what the Structured Data output looks like using our demo appointment for Julius the cat:


Patient Name: Julius

Patient Age: Senior

Patient Breed: Cat

Neutered: Unknown

Patient Sex: Unknown

History: Straining in and out of the litter box for about a week, noticed a little pool of blood in his pee, not much urine output.

Diet: Eats wet and dry Hills Senior cat food.

CSVD: No coughing or sneezing.

Urination/Defecation: Straining in and out of the litter box, blood in urine, not much urine output.

Energy Levels: Active, runs around his tower a lot.

Appetite: Normal

Owners Chief Concern: Straining in and out of the litter box, blood in urine.

Reason for Appointment: Concern about urinary issues.

Patient Behaviour: Active


Ears: Clear of debris

Eyes: Not mentioned

Oral/Dental: Teeth look excellent for his age

Cardiovascular: Normal heart rate and rhythm, no murmur detected

Respiratory: Not mentioned

Neurological: Not mentioned

Musculoskeletal: No signs of arthritis, good range of motion

Lymphatic: Not mentioned

Gastrointestinal: Not mentioned

Reproductive: No inflammation around his prepuce

Urinary: Bladder feels small, not overly in pain, doesn't feel excessively firm

Fur/Skin: Fur is really clean and well kept

Temperature: Not mentioned

Weight: 10.5 pounds

Body Condition Score: 5/9

Capillary Refill Time: Not mentioned

Respiratory Rate: Not mentioned

Heart Rate: Normal

Microchip Number: Not mentioned

Hydration Status: Not mentioned


Overall Health: Cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems are healthy

Nutritional/Gastrointestinal Health: Not mentioned

Dental/Oral Health: Teeth look excellent for his age

Sensory/Ocular Health: Ears clear of debris

Reproductive Health: No inflammation around his prepuce

Physical Condition/Mobility: No signs of arthritis, good range of motion

Other Health Concerns: Possible urinary tract infection, crystals, or bladder sludge


Recommendations for Owner: NSAID panel or mini blood profile, urinalysis, lateral x-ray

Other Medication Details: Owner comfortable administering pills in food

Diagnostic Results: Not yet available

Tests Ordered: NSAID panel or mini blood profile, urinalysis, lateral x-ray

Tests/Treatments Completed: Not mentioned

Referrals: Not mentioned

Follow-Up Plans: Decide on appropriate medications based on test results

Information Needed from Vet: Not mentioned

Costs: Cost difference of about $50 for the mini blood profile

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