Patient Attachments

Including files on to patient's profile

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ℹ️ Patients are a last-generation feature and won't be updated as frequently. If you already use a PIMS, we recommend not creating patients in Scribenote and simply using our auto-generated note titles to keep track of which patients your medical records are for.

The Attachments section on a patient's profile is where you can view or add attachments associated with that patient.

This preview section will include attachments that are uploaded from the patient's profile (detailed below), as well as any attachments that have been included in the patient's notes.

Viewing patient attachments

If you'd like to view your patient attachments in full-scale, click on the View All Attachments link below the attachments preview. You will be taken to the attachments page for this patient.

The first thing you'll see is the attachment viewer.

With an attachment selected, you'll see a few different options appear at the top of the viewer.

  • (1) Download Attachment. Click to download this attachment.

  • (2) Jump to Note. You will only see this option if the attachment is linked to a note. If you click it, it will take you to that respective note.

  • (3) Delete attachment. Click to delete the attachment completely.

  • (4) Split View toggle. Split view will allow you to view two files side-by-side, handy for comparing progress images.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While most images, videos, PDFs, and docs are accepted, some of them may not display correctly in the viewer, depending on the file type and the browser you are using. In that case, we recommend simply downloading the file to view it.

Adding patient attachments

Below the attachment viewer and file list, you'll see the attachment upload box, similar to the one found on note forms.

You can click on this box to browse for files, or simply drag and drop any files you wish to upload. To upload your selected files, click Submit. You will then see them populate into the file selection list above.

Note: There is a 2GB limit for individual attachments.

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