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Patient notes on the Scribenote web app

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ℹ️ Patients are a last-generation feature and won't be updated as frequently. If you already use a PIMS, we recommend not creating patients in Scribenote and simply using our auto-generated note titles to keep track of which patients your medical records are for.

Do you want to see details and key information for a patient? Do you need to review your notes for one patient? Do you want to look back in your patient's history? Do you need to find something specific for that one patient? Want to add a note to this patient? You can find and view all your SOAPs that were done for your patient all in one place!

From your Account Profile icon on the top right of your screen, select Patients from the drop down menu.

You can type in your patient's name and select your patient from the list of your existing list of patients or create a brand new patient.

You will then see your patient's profile with key information, including their Key Medical History, Chronic Medications, Immunization Record. You can update patient information by clicking Edit Patient, view and upload more files in Attachments as well as add more key information by clicking +Add Key Info.

When you continue to scroll, you will see our big purple microphone button and using the record button here will create a new SOAP note for the patient profile that you are in!

Next, a list of all the associated Notes to that patient will show on the screen as a preview. Continue to scroll to see more if you have more saved notes for this patient!

  • (1) Export All button. Downloads all of your patient's notes as PDF files, it’ll make a zip folder with all those patient’s notes inside

  • (2) + New Note button. Create a new typed note for the patient.

  • (3) Edit Note button. Allows you to make changes in this individual note just like a regular SOAP form.

  • (4) Copy Entire Note button. Clicking this button will copy the contents of your note as plain text, you can paste it where ever you wish.

  • (5) Download note as PDF button. Saves a nicely formatted PDF file of your note and marks your note as exported. If this option is greyed out and unclickable, this means that you still need to review and submit your note. You can only export the note if it is completed.

  • (6) Export note via Email button. You will be able to send the note through email as a link or embedded text. If this option is greyed out and unclickable, this means that you still need to review and submit your note. You can only export the note if it is completed.

  • (7) Quick Action buttons. Selecting one or more notes shows the following pop up on your screen with the number of notes you selected:

    • Duplicate to Patient button: Copies the selected note(s) to another patient that you will be able to select. You can also copy the title if you wish by click the check box from the pop up that appeaers and the copied note will be saved as a draft. Recordings and attachments will not be copied to the new note, but will remain on the original.

    • Move to Patient button: Your note can be easily re-assigned to a different patient that you will be able to select.

    • Delete button: Trash your note and your note will be gone forever.

    • Cancel button: Deselects all your notes that you clicked Quick Action on and the Quick Action popup disappears, bringing you back to your patient's page.

  • (8) Copy Text button. You'll notice that this copy button is available on each of the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan and Additional Notes sections. Clicking this will copy that specific box's contents and from there, you can paste that test whereever you wish!

  • (9) Expand/Collapse Note button. You can open the entire note by clicking the little grey downward arrow. This will display the SOAP note right there in front of you for an easy read.

  • (10) Audio bar. This sound bar allows you to do many things. You can listen back to your recording by pressing play, the second time beside the play button shows how long your recording was, you can increase/decrease the volume and by clicking the 3 dots, you can download the audio file or change the playback speed of the audio.

  • (11) Add button. You can Add To your recording and a single SOAP note will be created using the two recordings combined.

And there you have it, all your patients' notes accessible in one profile! Isn't that handy? 🐶

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