Add to a Stopped Recording

How to add to a recording on the Scribenote web app

Updated over a week ago

Do you want to stop your recording and then add to it later?! Whether you're switching devices, switching rooms, passing the appointment onto the doctor or technician on the same account... you can do so!

Note: This only works on recordings and not typed notes.

Click into a recorded note to edit. You will see the audio bar of the original note. On the right of that is a purple🎙️Add button. This will open a pop up for you to start recording.

The popup will have a big purple circle🎙️Record button and you just hit that whenever you're ready to begin talking, just like a normal Scribenote recording like you've been doing!

When you're done, hit Stop.

The circle will have a quick load animation and give you a green check when it's done. Your note will start getting processed and go into your Inbox for review.

A single SOAP note will be created using the two recordings combined!

Update: You can now add to a note that is Processing!

Warning: The system currently only allows Add To up to 5 times.

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