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Does Scribenote integrate with [insert PIMS here]?
Does Scribenote integrate with [insert PIMS here]?

Well.... sorta. Read more here!

Updated this week

Scribenote does not have any direct integrations with any PIMS yet.

BUT WAIT! Before you leave, please read below to learn why!

In short, true integration is a longer ways off because of a few key reasons:

  1. Cost. The cost that many PIMS providers charge is much too expensive for us to absorb as a small company, so we'd end up having to pass the cost along to our customers - making Scribenote much less affordable than we'd like it to be.

  2. Support. The process needed to set up integrations - primarily with older PIMS software that still lives on physical servers - is something that we wouldn't be able to assist with as we would need to pass any troubleshooting along to the PIMS provider's support team. We wouldn't be able to ensure our quality support or help our customers with the end-to-end setup process.

  3. Time. Integration will take months of development time as it involves more moving parts and other parties. As a small team, we'd need to dedicate a lot of bandwidth to this, meaning we couldn't spend as much time and effort on what we really aim to do - make the lives of veterinarians easier.

We've come up with a few solutions to bypass these complexities while still saving extra time. We feel the tradeoff is worth it - avoid these issues, and yet still have "integration" solutions which take a maximum of 10 seconds per medical record.

Scribenote Desktop Widget [BETA]

This is the closest thing to true integration (so far)! Simply, download the Scribenote Desktop Widget, pull it up next to your PIMS, and drag-and-drop or click-to-copy!

Other Ways to Export

  1. Copy and Paste

    1. You can copy the entire note if your current record system allows for containing the record in one single text box. First click the rocket ship for a pop-up and then click Copy Text.

    2. You can copy each individual S-O-A-P field at a time, then paste them over to the correct fields in your management system or where ever you wish!

  2. Download note as PDF

    You can download the record formatted as a PDF. This can then be attached to the patient’s medical record or file in a similar fashion that you would attach a record from a referring hospital, etc.

  3. Email

    1. On an individual note, you can enter an email address (or more) and your note will emailed to these recipients once you click Submit on the note.

    2. After setting up Email Exporting from your account settings, every completed SOAP notes will automatically export to the email address that you specify once you click Submit on them.

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