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Does Scribenote integrate with [insert PIMS here]?
Does Scribenote integrate with [insert PIMS here]?

Integration not needed with Scribenote for your SOAP!

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There are currently two main ways that veterinarians integrate Scribenote with existing software that takes only a second or two. ⏰ You can do this yourselves, or use our auto-export functionality to have the records sent to other members of your care team (reception, technicians, assistants, etc.), who can then do these steps for you. 🧑‍⚕️

Most of our customers find that the current copy/paste workflow serves them more than sufficiently and that even without direct integration, Scribenote is still saving them 5 to 10 minutes per record... that's up to 2 hours a day per DVM!!!⌛

  1. Copy and Paste

    1. You can copy the entire note in one click if your current record system allows for containing the record in one single text box.

    2. You can copy one S-O-A-P field at a time on Scribenote from your computer, then paste them over to your record system or where ever you wish!

  2. Download note as PDF

    1. You can download the record formatted as a PDF in a single click. This can then be attached to the patient’s medical record or file in a similar fashion that you would attach a record from a referring hospital, etc.

The extra steps to bring completed records into your system usually takes about a second, and so the net time savings are still dramatic. 🪄

📱 We highly encourage you to try Scribenote with a few of your colleagues.

When you sign up, you’ll get 50 free Medical Record auto-notes to try, these don’t have an expiry period. To register, create an account on, you'll only have to provide your email, no credit card info! Download our app ‘Scribenote’ from the App Store or Play Store and you can begin SOAPing right away!

⭐ Our client Recap, Dictation and Callback features are completely free and unlimited! See what these Auto-Note Types do.

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