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Exporting notes via Email
Updated over a week ago

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to export your SOAP notes by email, right from within the Scribenote app!

Emailing notes for a patient

If you already have a patient with completed notes, you can export their notes from their Patient Notebook.

Tap Patient Notes to see all the patient's completed notes. Then, expand one of them. You'll see the option to Export Note via Email.

You'll then see a preview of the note that will be exported, along with some details for you to fill out:

  • (1) Email export type: You can set the email export up as embedded text (directly within the email) or as a clickable link that will open a webpage containing the SOAP note and its attachments (if included).

  • (2) Email addresses: This is where you can enter any email addresses you would like the note to be sent to.

  • (3) Instructions: Optional instructions for the recipient(s).

  • (4) Include attachments toggle: This is only present for link-based exports. If there are any attachments as part of the note, they will be viewable and downloadable from the linked webpage in the export email.

After sending the email from the app, depending on your settings, you will either receive one of the two email types:

Webpage Link

Embedded Text

If it is a link-based email, clicking the link in the email will open a webpage with the SOAP note, like so:

From here you or the recipient can copy/paste the fields into an EMR, or download the note as a PDF.

Emailing Quicknotes

Similar to exporting patient notes, you may export any quicknotes directly from the app by navigating to the Notebook. Under the Quicknotes tab, you'll see all your completed quicknotes.

As with patient notes, you can expand them to see the Export Note via Email option. Tap it, and you'll be able to fill in the email address and other details you'd like to include in the email.

Changing email export settings

From the account menu, you can change several email exporting settings such as the auto email export address, email export default type, or the link expiry time.

Auto Exporting Email

Scribenote can automatically export your notes to a given email address. This feature works great for assistants, as they can access the notes that are sent to them without needing access to your Scribenote account. Let's see how it works!

First, go to your account settings from the bottom navigation options. Tap the Email Exporting section.

Enter the email you would like your notes to be automatically sent to. Tap Save. You will be able to change this email address at any time.

Now, when you complete a note by submitting it, it will automatically be sent to this email address.

If you're completing a few notes throughout your day with this feature enabled, you won't have to worry about manually exporting and sending them to your assistant each time. It'll all be done in the background for you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Note Link Expiry Time

If you're exporting SOAPs as email links, you can set the amount of time in which that link will expire. The default is 1 day, but you can also set this to 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, or up to 1 month.

Email after editing a note

You can also email a note while you're editing it. To do so, open any note and scroll to the bottom. You'll see a toggle to Email this note.

Then you can select how you want the note emailed, and enter any email addresses or additional instructions you'd like to include in the email.

โš ๏ธ Don't forget: The note will only be sent if and when you press Submit at the bottom of the screen. If you have an Auto-Export email set, it will send to this email address, plus any others you have specified, after you press Submit.

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