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Patient notes on the Scribenote mobile app

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ℹ️ Patients are a last-generation feature and won't be updated as frequently. If you already use a PIMS, we recommend not creating patients in Scribenote and simply using our auto-generated note titles to keep track of which patients your medical records are for.

Do you want to see details and key information for a patient? Do you need to review your notes for one patient? Do you want to look back in your patient's history? Do you need to find something specific for that one patient? Want to add a note to this patient? You can find and view all your SOAPs that were done for your patient all in one place!

Notes that have not been assigned to a patient will go to your Inbox, these are called quicknotes.

Go to your Notebook and select your patient from your list of patients.

Here you will see your patient's profile and then near the bottom where you can tap Patient Notes and a list of all the associated notes to that patient will show on the screen.

You can tap on any drafted or completed note to view or edit as well as making a new SOAP associated to that patient by tapping +New Note at the bottom of the screen.

Editing Patient Notes

Tapping on a note will allow you to preview the contents of your note. You will also be able to do the following:

  • (1) Export Note via Email button. You will be able to either export as a link or as embedded text.

  • (2) Copy Text button. Tapping this button will copy the contents of your note as text, you can paste it where ever you wish.

  • (3) Print button. Opens up the print options for you to to print on your connected printer.

  • (4) Duplicate button. Makes a copy of your note, you will be prompted to select a patient for this new note as a draft. Note: recordings and attachments will not be copied over.

  • (5) Move button. Your note can be assigned to a different patient and remain as a completed note. Note: recordings and attachments will not be copied over.

  • (6) Edit Note button. Allows you to make changes in your note. At the bottom of this screen, you will also be able to delete the note by tapping the red trash can button. When you finished editing, make sure you Submit your note at the end!

And there you have it, all your patients' notes accessible in one profile! Isn't that handy? 🐶

You can enable Quick Linking so that whenever you're done a note, you can assign it to a patient right after! Here's more info and how to turn that on:

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