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Help! My recording was not processed into a note.
Help! My recording was not processed into a note.

Hit the Retry button.

Updated over a week ago

If the note prompts you to Retry, this is because your recording successfully uploaded to our cloud servers but it did not process and so it was unable to generate a complete note. Clicking the Retry button will fix that!

Desktop App

On the desktop app (, you can go to your Inbox and click the red Retry button on the note from there.

Alternatively you can go to your Patient Notebook from the dropdown menu when you click your account profile on the top right of your screen. Your list of notes will show under the specified patient and the red Retry button will be there for you to click.

Mobile App

On the Dashboard of your mobile device, you can open Show Inbox to see your list of notes.

On the note, you will find the Retry button. You can click the button from here.

Alternatively, you can go to your Notebook from the bottom navigation bar, and then tap the Patients or Quicknotes tab at the top. You'll see a list of your notes and you can Retry from there.

If you have any further difficulties with the note, please reach out to our Support Team via the in app chat!

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