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Access your Full Inbox with drafts, processing notes, notes available for review, ready to export notes and exported notes.

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The Inbox helps organize your notes! There is a preview of your Inbox on the Dashboard. To access your all your notes, click See Full View and this will bring you to your full Inbox!

You can also click your icon profile on the top right of your screen to open the drop down menu. Then select Inbox.

All your notes will appear here, separated into tabs depending on what state they're in.

Please be aware that notes that have been assigned to a patient will show up under that specific patient in your Patient Notebook. See more about that here:

Note Status States

  • Drafts. Notes saved as drafts and are currently in progress.

  • Processing. Recordings that are currently being processed into notes. Notes that have failed will also appear in this section.

  • Available for Review. Automatically generated notes, ready for your review.

  • Ready to Export. Notes that have been reviewed and Submitted. From here, you can export and edit notes as well.

  • Exported. Edit or export notes that have already been exported before.

Quick Actions / Multi-Select

In addition, the Inbox now features Quick Actions (or Multi-Select, depending on which way you want to slice it).

Selecting the lightning icon on the left of each note (as many as you want at once) allows you to Delete them, duplicating them or associating them with a specific patient. When you Duplicate to Patient or Move to Patient, you will be able to select the patient on the next prompt or create a new patient.

We hope these features save you some time and help keep your Scribenote workflow organized. Happy SOAPing! 🧼

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