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How can I book a demo?
How can I book a demo?

Talk to our support team!

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We'd love to set up an online meeting with YOU. Whether you need a demo, a QA session, to see how a specific feature works, or to find a workflow that is best suited for you and your team, we are here to help! 💜 Please select the best available time for you here:

We welcome you and your team to give Scribenote a try before the meeting. You can begin by registering on our website ( Each new user gets 50 free auto-notes called Medical Notes (ie. the ones that create SOAP notes automatically), these do not have an expiry period. Download our app ‘Scribenote’ from the App Store or Play Store and you can begin SOAPing right away!

Our Dictation, Recap, and Callback auto-note types are ✨unlimited and completely free✨ to use.

We can answer any questions or concerns that you may have on the call or in our in app chat. These articles and videos can also help get you started:

We look forward to meeting you! 🐾

🇨🇦 We are in Canada in EST!

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