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Make your first Auto-Note
Make your first Auto-Note

This is Scribenote's magic!

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Now that you're all set up with a Scribenote account, it's time to make your first Auto-Note! You'll be saving all kinds of time, in no time at all!

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard or the Recording page

Using the bottom tabs, click Dashboard, OR use the middle Scribenote logo to bring up a pop-up menu. Then click New Recording.

Step 2: Start a recording

Press the big purple record button to start recording. If this is your first time pressing the button, you may see a menu pop up that asks for recording permissions. Make sure to allow permissions.

While recording, you can select a Note Type to process the recording as. In most cases, you'll probably be creating an Appointment. So choose that!

Step 3: Carry on your appointment as usual

  • Leave your phone on a counter, upside down in your pocket (with the bottom speaker holes uncovered), or anywhere in the room where it can pick up your voice clearly. You may need to play around to find the optimal location that works for you.

  • Continue your appointment as you usually would. You don't need to dictate or worry about random unrelated chit-chat. Talk to your clients about their day—it won't end up in your medical record!

  • If you'd like to pause the recording, you can do so using the pause button. Anything that you say while it's paused won't be picked up by the recording.

  • If you need to cancel the recording, press the red ❌ button.

Tip: If you forgot to say something during the appointment, or you'd like to follow-up afterwards, you can always Add To an existing recording!

Step 4: Stop the recording

Press the stop button at the end of your appointment.

The recording will be saved to your device. Provided you have a stable internet connection, it will then automatically upload to our servers to be processed.

Step 5: Check your Dashboard inbox

Go back to the Dashboard. Expand the inbox by clicking Show Inbox.

You should see the first item that says Processing. That's the recording you just made! It should take about 1-2 minutes for it to be ready for review.

When it changes to Review, you can click on it to take a look at your new SOAP note, that was made totally automatically without you having to type a single word. 🎉

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