Auto-Note Types

Medical Record, Dictation, Recap, Callback—what's the difference?

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There are 4 types of Auto-Notes in Scribenote:

  1. Medical Record

  2. Dictation

  3. Recap

  4. Callback

Let's see what they mean, and how to use them! 🤓

Medical Record

This is most likely what you'll be using Scribenote for. It's the ultimate time-saver: click a button, record your full appointment, click stop, and you'll get a fully-formatted SOAP note.

Sample output:


You will get a transcript of your recording word-for-word in one text box for whatever you need Dictation for!

Sample output:


The Recap option is useful to summarize meetings, general conversations or any other type of recordings. 🤝 You'll get a summary of your Recap in a single text box.


Use Callback for recording your side of the conversation in follow-up calls with your clients. Simply start by selecting Callback, start your recording, and begin your call on the clinic phone! In return, you'll get a summary of your Callback in a single text box.

If you'd like Scribenote to pick up your client's end of the call, you must put the clinic phone (or the phone being used to make the call) on speakerphone. 🔊

Sample output for Recap and Callback:

To switch between these auto-note types, use the dropdown you see in the Create a Recording section on your Dashboard.

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