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Help! Where did my note go?
Help! Where did my note go?

Can't find your note? Here are a few places you can look!

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Best Practices: The typical Scribenote workflow

Typically, Scribenote notes go through a 3 step workflow, which determines where they are at any point.

  1. New Notes: Available for Review

    • This is where the note is created one the audio file upload is complete.

    • The AI model will generate your auto-note!

    • Review and edit your note in this stage.

  2. Reviewed Notes: Ready to Export

    • Submit the note from Available for Review and then it will be labeled as Ready to Export.

    • You can still edit notes if you'd like to add something you might have forgotten.

    • This is where you'll be able to copy or download your notes for exporting them into another record system.

  3. Finished Notes: Exported

    • Notes will move to the Export Notes tab to indicate that it has been reviewed, edited, submitted and exported!

Note: this is just a typical flow, and by no means do you need to follow it. We recommend doing what works for you! If you'd like to keep all your notes in the Inbox without submitting them first, you can do that and still be able to export them from right within the note! Your Inbox might get a little crowded though... but we'll go over some ways to delete notes below.

Important First Step

If you are looking for a recording you made, the very first place to check is your Sync Recordings folder. If you've made a recording in a location with poor internet connectivity, chances are your note was not able to be uploaded to Scribenote servers for processing, so it stays on your device in Sync Recordings.

If you don't see this folder, then there are no recordings to sync, meaning your note is somewhere on the Scribenote app!

Read the following steps below to proceed:

Check the Inbox

The Inbox is where all your notes will end up first, whether that's a typed note or a recording, or an Auto-Note.

Web App

To check your Inbox on the Scribenote web app (, go to the Dashboard. You'll see this panel on the right-hand side:

Check if your note is in there. If you have a lot of notes in your Inbox, we recommend using the See Full View by clicking the purple expand button.

This will allow you to see your notes at all stages (including the ones which are ready to export)!

Mobile App

The mobile app Inbox looks similar. The only distinction here is that there is no full-page Inbox like on the web version of Scribenote!

If your note isn't in the Inbox, read below to the next steps!

Check the Notebook

All notes in Scribenote are stored in the Notebook. Which means, if you definitely can't find it here, chances are it's been lost or deleted. Where's the Notebook? Let's see!

Web App

In the upper right hand corner of the app, click where your name is. You should see a dropdown pop up.

You will see two links: Inbox and Patient Notebook.

Is your note linked to a patient?

If you've made a patient in Scribenote and created a note for them, it will be under the Patient Notebook link. If not, it will be in your Inbox.

My note is a patient-linked note

Click on Patient Notebook. You will see a search bar where you can search for the patient whom the note belongs to. Click on the patient's name, and you will be taken to their patient profile. Scroll down past the record button, and you'll find their notes:

My note is note linked to a patient

Click on the Inbox link. You'll be taken to the Full Inbox View, where you can see all your Scribenote notes that are not associated with patients - including drafts and completed notes.

Mobile App

On the Scribenote mobile app, both patient notes notes and quicknotes are under the same menu tab, Notebook.

You will then see two tabs at the top of the screen, Patients and Quicknotes. If your note is linked with a Scribenote patient, check the Patients tab. If the note is a Quicknote, check under the Quicknotes tab.

Check Export Notes

The last place to check is the Exported tab on the Scribenote web app. All notes will get moved here from the Inbox once they're submitted. You will see 5 tabs:

Check all tabs for your note.

I still can't find my note!

If you've gone through all these steps and you can't find your note, please contact us via the chat and we might be able to help get it back.

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