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Do I need an internet connection to use Scribenote?
Do I need an internet connection to use Scribenote?

Learn how to use Scribenote even when you're off the grid!

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If you want to use Scribenote in an area with spotty internet, please use the Scribenote mobile app to create your recordings.

Recording using the mobile app on your phone or tablet will initially save the recording to your device. What this means is that you can create a recording even if there is poor internet connectivity.

If you use Scribenote on your computer to create recordings, you'll need a strong and stable internet connection.


Scribenote needs internet connectivity to upload recordings to our cloud servers, where they are processed into notes. Furthermore, this allows your notes to be accessible account-wide, on any device. So you can create a note on your phone, and then access it on the web so long as it is "Synced" to our servers.

What does Synced mean?

A synced recording is one that has been uploaded to our cloud servers from the device you originally recorded it on. Recordings must be synced for them to appear in your Inbox and for them to be converted into notes.

See the guide on syncing your recordings here:

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