Unsynced recordings

Do you frequently use Scribenote in areas with poor internet connection? Read this!

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You may occasionally encounter the "Sync Recordings" button as shown below:

This means one or more of your recordings were not able to be uploaded to our cloud servers due to poor internet connection at the time of recording. Scribenote recordings need to be uploaded to our cloud servers in order to be processed into SOAPs and to be saved to your account.

What's going on here?

If you press the "Sync Recordings" button, a menu will pop up showing you all recordings which are available to sync. After creating a recording in Scribenote, it will be saved to your device first. If there is a stable internet connection, it will be successfully uploaded to our cloud servers and processed. If there is no stable internet connection at the time, it will live here, in your Sync Recordings menu.

You'll see a few options. You can listen back to the audio to ensure your recording was captured properly, then you can press the "Sync" button to attempt to upload the recording to our servers.

Syncing a recording

Please ensure you're in a location you know has a stable internet connection. Then, press the Sync button. Within a few moments, you should get a confirmation that the recording was successfully uploaded. It will then turn green to demonstrate that it's been previously synced.

Check your Inbox

The next step is to check the Inbox on your Dashboard for the recording you just synced. It should be the upper-most one:

With that note now safe and sound in your Inbox (meaning it is now stored and backed up on our servers), you can go back and delete the recording from your device using the Sync menu.

If the note has not showed up in your Inbox, check your internet connection and try Re-syncing using the "Re-sync" button on the recording in the Sync Recordings menu.

If you still can't sync the note at this point, contact us and we may be able to help.

Delete the synced recording

Go back to the Sync Recordings menu, and notice the recording you just synced. Confirm it is the same recording that just showed up in your Inbox (same date/time, and same audio content). It should also be labeled as "Synced". Then you can press the red X button to delete the recording off of your device.

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