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How do I use this with my team or other staff?
How do I use this with my team or other staff?

What's the best workflow with your clinic? That's totally up to you!

Updated over a week ago

Your account can be added under one team with your entire clinic under our multi-user collaborative feature called Teams Mode. Please see more information on Teams Mode here:

Onboarding a team

Temporary answer:

If you’re paying for multiple team members to use Scribenote, we have a separate payment flow. Please just let us know, then we’ll send you a payment link. Then, we’ll ask you to send us the names / emails of the veterinarians signing up from your team, and as they sign up, our support team will link their accounts to your clinic's subscription.

Coming soon:

You’ll be able to subscribe for as many team members as you need to through the Scribenote app, then organize and manage the team through a self-serve portal.

Using Scribenote as a team

Every vet can sign up for their own Scribenote account. From there, any other team members can switch into those accounts as needed with Teams Mode (ie, to access records, to create callbacks, to start the TPR / history part of the exam, etc). Please see the article for details on how to use Teams Mode:

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