Teams Mode [BETA]

Access notes from other colleague's accounts, manage your team and clinic subscriptions

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What is Teams Mode?

As part of a care team, whether you are a doctor, rotating vet, locum, intern, technician, manager, admin, reception, you can be added to the clinic subscription using Teams Mode. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Efficiently manage, subscribe and access notes all within your clinic's team!

Teams Mode feature is currently for our beta team members and by request only. If you wish to join the Beta Testing Group, please reach out and let us know!

Using Teams Mode

  1. Use the drop down menu in the top right corner beside your account profile icon to open the drop down of the list of your team member.

  2. Select your team member's account to access their notes page. You can switch between each and every one of their accounts!

  3. On the web app, the screen border will be purple and on the bottom right will show the account that you are currently in. On the mobile device, it is similar but the Acting As: is near the top of the screen.

  4. You will be able to start recordings, create notes, make edits, export notes and all that under that account like you would on your own!

  5. If another team member is already editing a note that you just opened, the note will be Checked Out. This means that somebody else on your team is currently working on this note. You will get a pop up warning you that you may lose changes if you both edit at the same time.

Notice: You cannot submit notes that is not under your own account! You also cannot edit a template that does not belong to you.


The Scribenote Clinic
​ Dr. Otto - the veterinarian

Scribbles - the technician
​ Chewbarka - the receptionist
​ Mary Puppins - the student intern

* each team member has their own Scribenote account

Scenario #1: Scribbles switches to Dr. Otto's account to take patient history by recording a Medical Record and then stopping the recording. Dr. Otto will later attend to the patient. Dr. Otto opens the note started by Scribbles and uses the Add To feature to continue the patient's appointment.

Scenario #2: Scribbles needs to get the note from the patient earlier today to put it into the clinic's management system. Scribbles switches to Dr. Otto's account to retrieve the patient's note and exports the completed SOAP note!

Scenario #3: Mary is only at the clinic for 8 months for her internship. Her account is added to the clinic by Chewbarka and can later be removed when Mary is finished with her intern. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ (Mary reaches out to Scribenote and gets 6 months free after her grad date because she's a vet student.)

How To Create a Team for Your Clinic

  1. Email or open a chat to our Scribenote Support Team. Please send us:

    1. emails that your team members registered with on Scribenote

    2. clinic name and email (if there is more than one clinic)

    3. the total number of DVMs that you wish to onboard

  2. We will send you a quote based on the number of DVMs you wish to onboard.

  3. Subscribe via the payment link that we will send you.

  4. We will wire your team members together under one clinic!

Note: If you already have paid for multiple licenses for your clinic, reach out to us anyways and we'll enable Teams mode for you!

Coming Soon

You'll be able create your own team and manage team members and access levels yourself! πŸŽ‰

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