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Transfer Notes

Have you accidentally recorded an appointment under the wrong team member's account? You can move notes between accounts!

Updated over a week ago

1. Access the Scribenote app on a web browser

Transferring notes can only be done from our web app ( for now, and only if you are on an account associated with a Team.

2. Open your Full View Inbox

3. Select one or many notes to transfer

Select the desired notes that you wish to transfer ownership.

Note: You can only multi-select notes under one tab at a time. The notes that you selected will not stay selected if you switch tabs.

4. Click "Transfer Ownership"

After you are done selecting the notes you'd like to transfer, the "Transfer Ownership" button located at the bottom of your screen will bring you to a popup.

5. Select your teammate

Use the drop down menu to choose whose inbox you want to transfer your note to!

6. Click "Confirm"

Your note can now be accessed by the user you have transferred it to!

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