Creating recordings for a specific Patient
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If you'd like a more organized approach to keeping your notes together in Scribenote, we recommend you set up Patients. If you've already set up some Patients and want to record appointments for them, you've come to the right place!

Step 1: Set up Quick Linking

The first step is to enable Quick Linking after recordings have been created. What this setting means is that after you record an appointment with the Scribenote app, you'll get a pop-up asking you to select which Patient it is for.

To enable this, go to your account settings in the Account tab, select Recordings, then you will see this screen:

Make sure to enable Quick Linking!

Step 2: Creating a patient SOAP from a recording

To start a patient recording, navigate to the Record screen using the center Scribenote button.

To begin recording an appointment for a patient, click the record button.

You will see a timer appear, indicating that the recording has started. When you are finished with the appointment, remember to press the stop button.

Within a few seconds, you should see a green checkmark and get a confirmation that your recording was uploaded.

Now you will see the Quick Linking prompt to link your new recording with a patient:

When you've linked the recording to a patient, it will appear in your Dashboard Inbox. You'll then be able to review the SOAP as usual. When it's submitted, it will appear in that patient's profile.

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