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Type our your note on the Scribenote web app

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ℹ️ Typed Notes are a last-generation feature and won't be updated as frequently.

Our Typed Notes feature can be handy when you need to type SOAP notes in Scribenote!

New Note Page Overview

Go to the New Typed Note by navigating to your account profile and selecting New Typed Note from the dropdown menu.

Once you choose New Typed Note, you will see the following:

a. Select Patient Note if you wish to assign the note to a patient! A section will appear for you to select your desired patient from your existing list or you can create a new one by clicking +Patient on the right. These notes will appear in your Patient Notebook when you are done.

b. Select Quicknote if you do not wish to assign the note to a patient. These notes will appear in your Inbox when you are done.

Let's go over the different sections of the New Typed Note:

  • (1) Note Status.

    • Draft: you are in the process of editing this note

    • Completed: you have submitted your note and it is saved in your Notes

    • Exported: the note is completed and you have already exported this note

  • (2) Saved status. As you type your note, it saves automatically!

  • (3) See Past Revisions button. You can view the audit log associated with this note.

  • (4) Note Title text box. This is an optional field to allow you to name your note. If left blank, your note will simply not have a title.

  • (5) Date field. By default, the date and time is set to when you started the note. If you wish to change it, you are free to do so.

  • (6) Autosuggest toggle. Turning this option on will give you word suggestions for medical terms as you type. Hit tab on your keyboard to complete the suggestion.

  • (7) Select/Replace tool. You can replace a string of text in your note with a new string of text. If it appears multiple times in your documentation, it will replace all those instances in one go.

  • (8) Use Template button. You will be able to select a template that you have made or a preset template to use for the typed note. Please note: selecting a Template from here will overwrite all the content already in your note, so if you wish to use a template, select it first.

  • (9) Edit Fields toggle. This applies to the Objective section of the SOAP. When you activate the toggle, you can delete any line by clicking the minus button that appears beside the field you don't want. Additionally, you customized your own row by clicking Add New Field in the Custom Fields section at the bottom of the pink section.

  • (10) Use Blank toggle. All the preset specific fields in the Objective section of the SOAP will be there for you to fill out. Activating this will remove these lines and allow you to type freely in a single text box.

When you continue to scroll down, you will see the following:

  • (11) Additional Key Information dropdown. Here you can type in key history, key medications, vaccination status and weight as you wish.

  • (12) Add Attachments dropdown. You can upload a file to add onto your note.

  • (13) Export Note dropdown.

    • Copy Note Text button: clicking this will automatically copy the note contents, you are free to paste the plain text anywhere you wish!

    • Download PDF button: clicking this will download your note neatly formatted in a PDF file

    • Email as Link option: the note will be exported as an email containing a clickable link that will direct the recipient to a webpage from which the note and its attachments (if included) can be accessed

    • Email as Embedded Text option: the note will be exported as an email containing the note's text contents (attachments will not be included in the email)

  • (14) Trash button. Clicking this will delete the note forever.

  • (15) Save Draft button. Saves your current note with your new edits to your Inbox for future edits. They will not show up in your Quicknotes yet. After you save, you'll be taken back to your previous screen.

  • (16) Submit Note button. Confirms that your note is finished, saves it in your Quicknotes and then exports the note (if applicable). After submitting, you will see a green success popup saying "Note updated successfully" like this:

You are free to make as many Typed Notes as you wish, happy SOAPing! ✍️

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