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Use draggy-droppy or click-to-copy to export your notes in seconds!

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The Scribenote Desktop Widget is a downloadable desktop app that will eliminate the need to keep flipping back and forth between Scribenote and your PIMS while you're transferring your completed notes over, saving you precious seconds! πŸ’―

The Desktop Widget is now available on both Windows and Mac!

See how it works here:

Cool Things about the Desktop Widget 😎

  1. It's there when you need it, and hidden when you don't.

    PLUS! You can always have it open alongside your PIMS and move it to wherever is most convenient, then minimize it when you don't need it.

  2. It takes literal seconds to transfer your Scribenote notes into your PIMS.

  3. You can call it ✨ Draggy-Droppy, Click to Copy ✨ because it's fun to say :)

  4. Did we mention it's completely free?

Where the Desktop Widget really shines is speeding up the data entry of complex PIMS note forms. For example, we've done tests with Avimark and noted a reduction of transfer time from approximately 45 seconds per record down to 15 seconds per record.

Where the Desktop Widget currently does not add value:

  • If you're on a system like Cornerstone that has just a text box for medical record entry, and you are already just pasting your entire SOAP in one click into the text box. This is already as streamlined as it gets.

  • You've spent the past few months carefully tuning a well-oiled export workflow with other members of the care team.

Downloading the Desktop Widget

On Windows

  1. Click the purple "Desktop Widget Download Page" button below.

  2. Click "Download for Windows" to download the .exe file.

  3. Locate the scribenote.exe file from your Downloads folder.

  4. Double click it to start the install.

On Mac

  1. Click the purple "Desktop Widget Download Page" button below.

  2. Click "Download for Mac" to download the .dmg file.

  3. Locate the scribenote.dmg file from your Downloads folder and double click it.

  4. Drag the Scribenote icon to the Applications folder.

  5. Open Scribenote in your Finder and double click it.

  6. Open the downloaded file to install and select Open.

  7. (Optional) Drag the icon from Finder to your dock to quick and easy access.

(Optional) Click on the settings icon and select your PIMS system from the dropdown. This will help us improve the widget and eventually be able to tailor it for specific PIMS in the future!

How does the Desktop Widget work?

  1. Open the Scribenote App that you have downloaded

  2. Sign in to your Scribenote account (enter the same credentials that you would use to sign in to the web or mobile app)

  3. Start exporting your notes!

The widget will only display your completed (ie submitted) notes, so make sure you've reviewed any note still in "Ready for Review" prior to using the exporting widget! πŸ—’οΈ

Filtering your notes

There are a few options to find the note you'd like to copy.

  1. typing in the search bar

  2. selecting recent notes from past 24 hours or past 7 days

  3. appointment type

  4. oldest to newest

Viewing and exporting your notes

Click on a note to open it and you'll see several copy buttons for each of the SOAP fields as well as a copy button for the full SOAP with all the fields.

Expand to View. Click the down arrow on the right of the button to expand that section of the SOAP. This will allow you to view and read the entire section of the note. (Click the up arrow on that section to collapse it again.)

You will be able to export your full note or each SOAP section by:

(1) Draggy-Droppy. Click and hold the button, then drag to where you want the contents of the note to go!

CAUTION: Some applications do not support dragging and dropping. In those cases, please use the click and paste functionality instead.

(2) Click to Copy. Click the button, then paste to where you want the contents of the note to go using Ctrl + V or right-clicking.

When you're done with exporting the note, you can click Mark as Exported to clear it from the widget (the note will now appear in the Exported tab in your expanded Inbox on the web app).

Tip: You can also have a team member do all the exporting for you!

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