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Dental Records [BETA]

All about dental records in Scribenote!

Updated over a week ago

With Scribenote, you can now create accurate and beautiful dental charts in just a few minutes of recording! No need to have an assistant write out dental notes while you have your hands full... simply record your dental dictation and let Scribenote handle the rest!

Step 1: Select the "Dental Record" type

Using the dropdown near the record button, select the "Dental Record" type. If you don't see it, make sure you've updated your app (if you're using the mobile app)!

Step 2: Start recording

To record a dental record, simply verbalize your findings as you're probing each tooth. No need to worry about specifying if the patient is canine or feline, Scribenote should determine this based on which teeth were mentioned (i.e., Scribenote will assume the patient is feline unless canine-specific teeth like 411, 105, etc. are mentioned).

If a tooth is not mentioned, it will be assumed normal.

Here are some examples of how you can speak through your dental exam:

  • "102 is mildly mobile, with mild tartar and gingivitis."

  • "406 through 410 are normal."

  • "The distal root of 206 and 207 is resorbing, 208 the palatal root is loose with a grade five pocket surrounding it and pus present."

When you've covered all the teeth, please stop the recording and wait for it to process.

Step 3: Review the record

After the dental record has processed, you'll see something like this:

Make any edits necessary, or mouse over the teeth in the chart to see the findings for that specific tooth!

Note: Editing the note will cause the chart to change and update with your edits! You must click Save Draft and refresh the page to see the new edits reflected in the chart.

Step 4: Export the record

Please note: Dental record exports can currently only be done from the web version of Scribenote. You can still view them and email them from the mobile app!

If you'd like to export your gorgeous new dental chart or print it (to hang it up on your wall, of course) simply send it off as an email export or download it as a PDF! All the pretty colours will appear in the PDF as well.

And that's it! Dental Records done in just a few minutes. Sink your teeth into that 🤩

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