Recording a Quicknote

How to record a Quicknote on the Scribenote web app

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Quicknotes are a great way to get started with making SOAP notes in Scribenote because you don't need to have a patient created! This works great for first time clients or emergency appointments, as you can get straight to SOAPing with no fuss!

The quicknotes page is easily accessible from anywhere in on the screen by:

  1. clicking the Scribenote note button to get to your Dashboard instantly

  2. selecting Dashboard from the drop down menu from clicking your profile icon at the top right corner of the screen

In all 3 cases, you can also immediately start recording a quicknote by simply using the big purple microphone button that can be seen right in the middle of the screen!

Creating a Quicknote Recording​

To begin creating a quicknote recording, click the purple πŸŽ™οΈRecord button.

While recording, you can give your note an optional title. If you don't enter one, one will be created for you from the SOAP. Once you are finished recording, press the Stop button.

The drop down to the right of the title will give you options to select the type of note you wish to create.

Here are the descriptions of our different auto-note types:

Once you stop your recording, you will get a circular loading percentage and visual that'll be fairly quick, finished with a green check!

The recording will appear as a note in the Available for Review tab of your Inbox! Yep, looks purrfect indeed! 🐱

From here, you can go review, edit, and complete the note by submitting the SOAP note as well as any actions you wish outlined above.

That's all folks, your notes are as organized as ever! 🫣

Please note: If a note has been assigned to a patient, these notes will appear in your Patient Notebook under that specified patient!

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