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Help! My Auto-Note was not processed correctly.
Help! My Auto-Note was not processed correctly.

If your note came back looking less-than-ideal, see this post!

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Our technology is not perfect, but it's learning! If you find that your Auto-Note did not come out the way you wanted it to, here are some steps you can take:

My note is blank and says "New Recording"

This means your recording was not processed into an Auto-Note. Please see here to learn how to correct this:

My note says it's incomplete even though it's not

This usually happens for one of these reasons:

  1. You stopped the recording too early or misclicked the stop button: there's not enough information to create a SOAP note form. Unfortunately, we can’t help here!

  2. You did not record a clinical conversation: Unfortunately, we can’t help here!

  3. The recording has poor audio quality and therefore could not be accurate transcribed and processed. Please listen back to the appointment audio. Is it clear? If not, unfortunately we can't help here!

  4. The recording has several minutes of "dead air" or a very long pause: We can
    help here!
    The failure here is that our transcription server gets confused by
    the dead air and decides that the record must have been incomplete. We’re
    working on a technical fix for this, but in the meantime, please let us know if a
    recording has been impacted and we can use our internal tools to fix the note.
    Please use the Pause button if you need to take a break in the middle of recording.

My note wasn't formatted right

If your appointment came back formatted incorrectly, you can always try re-submitting it to see if it corrects the issue. You can do this by opening the note and clicking the Something Wrong? button at the top.

Then select one of the Auto Note Types to process it as such.

Caution: When a note gets reprocessed, any edits to the note will get OVERWRITTEN.

If you've tried this and your note still looks "off", please Send to Support. We're always looking to improve based on your feedback!

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