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Custom Objective Defaults
Custom Objective Defaults
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Did you know that you can replace "Normal on exam" or "Not mentioned" in the Objective section of the SOAP with your own default phrase? This can be done with our "Custom Objective Defaults" feature.

In your appointment, you don’t need to verbalize a body part for your new default phrase to get filled in. If you say something simple like “clear” or “looks good”, the SOAP will record the default case. So you don't need to go system by system and say any of the field names, you only need to say what systems were abnormal during the appointment and that will be shown in your SOAP!

Note: This setting can only be changed on your web browser.

Go to your account settings on and scroll down to the Auto-Notes section:

Enable the toggle and type in the phrase you'd like for each field. Each appointment recording you make moving forward will then use your settings as your 'default'.

You can go back and edit this whenever you wish.

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