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Use Scribenote on any web browser (app.scribenote.com) or on any device (download our our mobile app) for recording appointments, reviewing, editing notes and more! πŸš€ Please let us know if you have any cool workflows or need help finding which features work for your team via the chat to our Support Team.

Our Main Features

πŸŽ›οΈ We have different auto-notes that you can record! There are 4 appointment types:

  • Medical Record. Fully-formatted SOAP note.

  • Dictation. A transcript of your recording word-for-word in one text box.

  • Recap. A summarized meeting, general conversation or any other type of recording in one text box.

  • Callback. A summary of your side of the conversation in follow-up calls with your clients in a single text box.

  • Dental Records. *new*

πŸ“„ Notes are easily manageable and accessible from your Inbox! Organize your Inbox with our Quick Select tools. Your note status states determine where your note is in yuor Inbox.

  • Drafts. Notes saved as drafts and are currently in progress.

  • Processing. Recordings that are currently being processed into notes. Notes that have failed will also appear in this section.

  • Available for Review. Automatically generated notes, ready for your review.

  • Ready to Export. Notes that have been reviewed and Submitted. From here, you can export and edit notes as well.

  • Exported. Edit or export notes that have already been exported before.

πŸ–¨οΈ To integrate the note generated by Scribenote into your PIMS, export the notes by the following 4 methods:

  1. copy and paste

  2. download as PDF

  3. email

  4. 'draggy-droppy'

πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈ Sign up your DVMs and have a (free) care team account under one Scribenote team! Each member can efficiently access notes all within your clinic's team on Teams Mode.

Our Bonus Features

πŸ”‰ You can add more information or continue your appointment by recording later on for that same note.

πŸ›œ Use Scribenote even when you are not connected to a strong or stable internet. You can sync the audio files later when you connected to one to process your recording and generate your SOAP note!

πŸ’¬ Chat with our support team for anything you need! If you have questions, need clarification, any assistance or comments and feedback, please reach out!

♻️ Re-process your note if they did not turn out right or if you did not like them. You can do this by using the Something Wrong button and select the auto-note type or send a ticket to our support team to assist you.

πŸ” In any of your auto-note, open the transcript tab and you can see the full word-for-word transcript extracted from your recording so that you don't miss any details that you said.

πŸ“Š A Show Data tab shows you key details extracted from the the medical record in a concise, easy to read format. Now, you won't have to sift through a lengthy transcript to find additional information!

πŸ”— Using your unique invite link, you can get awesome rewards for you and your colleagues including more free trial notes and more!

πŸ™‚ Change 'normal on exam' and 'not mentioned' into your own default word or phrase in the Objective of your SOAP notes!

πŸ‘† When editing a note, you have the option to highlight a word or phrase and then replace where ever that word or phrase appears in your note with a new string of text.

πŸ“Ž Include pictures, videos, PDFs or any other documents that you need attached to your note!

Our Upcoming Features

  • ✨ Feature - Client Summaries [COMING SOON]: A highly-requested feature that automatically generates client-facing appointment summaries that you can export and send off in a single click!

  • ✨ Feature - Team Management Portal [COMING SOON]: Multi-user clinics will soon be able to create and manage Scribenote teams using the Scribenote web app.

  • ✨ Feature - More Objective Fields [COMING SOON]: Pain Score, Fear Anxiety Stress Score, and Hydration Status will be included in the standard objective section of our medical records. This will help align records to more widely-adopted standards. Don't use these? Want your own templates? Hint hint, we've been working away on something else special! πŸ™ˆ

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